Talking to Trees: Nature walks for healing the soul

Visit the magnificent natural places in our own backyard to help support physical, mental and spiritual health. Ecotherapy is an evidence based practice for healing our disconnection from the primary source of life. Studies have shown that walking in nature can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase a sense of peace, acceptanct and serenity. Through years of research and personal experience Cara is a firm believer that Nature heals.  She has developed methods of receiving guidance and wisdom from all the elements that are our essential allies for our well being.   Join us for a mindful walk to practice techniques for tuning in to the spirit of nature. Cara teaches the shamanic techniques of our ancestors who were always guided by signs and messages from all living things. We will practice mindful walking, meditation, asking and listening for messages from these nature beings. It is a relaxing, rejuvinating and inspiring way to invest in your health.

Walks are scheduled monthly. Sign up for the newsletter for the latest information or contact Cara to schedule a group. Corporate and private organizations welcome. A customized outing can be arranged depending on your needs.