Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a gentle hands on healing method that channels universal life force energy to support the clearing of blocked energy relieving stress and illness. Energy healing has been used for thousands of years and is finally making its way back into main stream society again. We all have the power to use our hands to soothe and heal. Reiki is one method where a person is attuned to become a channel for this healing light. It is very effective and there are thousands of people practicing and receiving Reiki today around the world.

I received my attunements over 17 years finally getting my Master/Teacher level in Ireland. I love using Reiki in my every day life to clear space, bless food, raise the vibration of places and people. I also use it frequently in my shamanic practice.

Who can benefit from Reiki and how can it help?

Everyone can receive benefits from Reiki. It will help you discover relaxation and receive healing in a restorative rather than stressed state of mind. The body cannot heal if it is stressed. Reiki helps with anxiety, mental and physical issues and can even clear trauma beyond this current space and time.

The energy body exists as your auric field where mental, emotional and physical issues begin.  I use my clairvoyance to see into the issues that may be causing illness or stress. I often discuss this with clients after the session. Clients may feel an emotional release and a renewed sense of peace and tranquility. This deeply relaxing modality offers a direct connection to the source of an issue which can provide a quantum leap in your healing. Three initial sessions are recommended to reset your energy. After that the occassional treatment will help you stay on the path of wellness.

Reiki Healing Session | $100 p/hr

Reiki 1-3 Practitioner & Teacher Training

Learn to heal yourself and others with your hands using Reiki energy. Reiki heals the body, mind and emotions. It is a natural gift from Universal Life Force Energy to raise our vibration and awaken the soul.

Receiving the Reiki attunements is a jumpstart to clearing your energy and raising your vibration. We are living in spiritually accelerated times where we're all being called to step into our divine gifts with more purpose. For all classes you receive Certification, a beautiful color manual, instruction and practice. Classes are monthly. 

I found Cara was quickly able to ‘tune into’ my energy. She had created a peaceful, safe environment and the healing work was quite powerful.
— Jean M, Galway