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The Goddess Tree, my oracle and guide. Barna Woods, Galway (photo, Saibh Egan)

The Goddess Tree, my oracle and guide. Barna Woods, Galway (photo, Saibh Egan)

Beloved, gaze in thine own heart. The holy tree is blooming there.
— w.b. yeats

GREETINGS, and welcome to my online portal! I'm grateful that you stopped by and happy to share a bit about myself and my journey. It's been a long and winding road to reach this point! I've created this website as an intersection where we can cross paths, take a moment and share our journeys. It is my calling to be of service to the path of healing and awakening so I'm here to share what has helped me and how it might help you.

I am a Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant and Photographer.  I recently lived in Ireland for four years where I studied and trained intensively in counseling psychotherapy, shamanism and Irish archaeology with a special interest in ecotherapy and mindfulness for mental health. I had the great privilege to study with shamans, healers and renowned academic experts in Irish history immersing myself in the ancient realm of celtic mystical dream-time and the numinous landscape of myth, grass, sea and stone. The purity and ancient memory of the land healed my longing to feel connected to nature and to my own indigenous ancestral spiritual heritage that birthed my life's higher calling.

Drawing on a lifetime of personal experience, I bring the embodiment of empathy and understanding to my practice as a wounded healer. I am passionate about supporting others to find inner peace, empowerment, clarity and connection with the greater web of life.  I am grounded in both academic and spiritual worlds, and utilize earth-based shamanism (earth + nature) and celestial energy healing (sky + spirit) to support healing on a deep and lasting level.

I am an empathic HSP personality type (highly sensitive person) and have endured many inner and outer challenges due to my deep feeling nature and psychic sensitivity. It wasn't until I started my healing path that I realized these attributes were not liabilities but the traits needed for my work. My ability to communicate with nature and spirit were inborn natural qualities for shamanic work. Studying how to manage my energy and shamanic gifts was an immense life changer.  Navigating my youth with a terminally ill, disabled mother in a repressive religious culture and broken home was very difficult.  My eyes were opened at a young age to the impermanence and fragility of motherhood, family, health, material and religious structures, so I was drawn to find comfort in the mystical and spiritual, hence my nickname 'Cloudy'. As a child I could remember my 'life before life' and longed to go back to this place of such pure love. I remember feeling the presence of angelic beings and nature devas from a young age which helped me cope with all the chaos and emotional upheaval around me.

I was drawn to spirituality, shamanism and indigenous people early on, achieving a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Berkeley with an emphasis in Neolithic goddess religion and worked with indigenous arts for many years. I traveled to more than 50 countries photographing many beautiful cultures and spiritual places and turned my hobby into a career becoming a pro photographer specializing in weddings and portraits which I still practice. I began my study of shamanism in 2003 but it wasn't until I was in Ireland during a life altering dark night of the soul in 2011 where I heard the calling loud and clear in the wild elements of wind, sea and stone. It was an echo of something so ancient and powerful, a feeling of truth that was undeniable. 

After the dissolution of my dream of being a mother, a broken marriage and the awakening on my vision quest, I moved to Ireland a year later to seek the echo of my hearts longing.  My move initiated a series of events that brought me face to face with a lot that needed to be healed within myself.  I experienced a classic hero's journey where I lost everything and had to recreate my life only through implicit trust in spirit. Through deep soul searching and trust in divine guidance and nature's grace I pulled myself out of the dark and discovered the path that I was meant to walk - the Golden Path of the Shamanic Way- to be a rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth through my Heart.

We are in times of Great Awakening and many people are feeling the shift into 5th dimensional awareness; that we are souls inhabiting bodies. Many mental, emotional and physical symptoms are arising for us to clear so we can raise our vibration and become awakened. Everything I offer has helped me immensely on my own healing path. Taking care of the health of our energy body is the crucial and often overlooked aspect to holistic health. It is the next phase in our evolution, the wave of the future.

I was given the name "Precious Vision of the Heart" in 2000 by Thich Nhat Hahn, world renown Zen master of mindfulness, and am devoted to fulfilling my dharma to heal our current crisis of heart separation. My life's work is to bring the sacred in Nature back as if our lives depended on it, because it does.  As we Re-member our interconnection with all life we heal ourselves and we heal the world. As within, so without. 

My journey has just begun. I invite you to join me in waking up to the precious Nature of Yourself and our Earth.

Heartland Healing Arts offers classes, trainings, private sessions, house and land healings, journeys, nature walks and sacred land tours in the Bay Area and beyond.

Education and Training

BA Cultural Anthropology UC Berkeley | Counseling & Psychotherapy, First Class Honors Degree, Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences, Limerick | Irish Archaeology, National University Galway | Advanced Shamanism, Pathway Teaching Galway | Reiki Master/Teacher | Rahanni Practitioner/Teacher | Initiate of Order of Melchizadek, Mt Shasta | Ordained Priestess Temple of Isis

In the stillness of your heart there is perfect love that has no beginning and no end. Listen to Nature and remember.
— Cara Deva