Holistic Counseling

People can benefit greatly from talking about their personal issues. Just having an attentive, empathetic person to share with can bring immediate relief. Talking about your experience is an important first step to getting clarity for yourself. Counseling offers a safe non-judgmental environment to support the release and relief of pain, grief, shame, confusion and other difficult emotions. Cara provides person-centered holistic and spiritual counseling sessions where you can find your way home to greater peace and self acceptance. Healing is possible for everyone through the process of self awareness, feeling and releasing emotions and taking concrete steps to change. Heavy or recurring emotions are important messengers telling a story about where you need healing.  Cara holds a space of unconditional positive regard for the support and release of all feelings, thoughts and emotions so you can free yourself to BE yourself.  She uses her skills as an intuitive empath to see deeply into presenting issues and provides spiritual insight that can give a depth of perspective unlike other therapies.

Cara's holistic approach to wellness is based in ecotherapy, the evidence based practice to healing with Nature in mind. Mindful interaction with Nature for restoration and wellness is a proven method for recovery on many levels. Her shamanic and energy healing practice is designed to work in tandem with counseling for a true holistic experience where we heal the body, mind, soul and emotions.  Energy healing therapies can bypass the thinking mind and penetrate the emotional and spiritual bodies where the origin of issues arise. It is found that clients can spend many years in counseling alone when shamanic healing can get to the root of an issue much faster. This is the effective bridge uniting the conscious and unconscious, the material and spiritual.

Common presenting issues are: depression, anxiety, low self esteem, grief, women's issues, inner child, dark night of the soul, soul loss.

Counseling Sessions $100 p/hr

Long Distance Sessions available on Skype.

Cara is a compassionate listener and helped me get through some really tough times. I had very low self esteem but working with her helped me realize I had forgotten about self love which was the root of my problems. I learned self acceptance and continue to practice the tools she shared with me to help me get out of depression and be happier. Iā€™m forever grateful.ā€
— Anne M, Galway