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Where Heaven & Earth Meet


Nature • Heart •  Spirit


Complimentary Modalities that bridge Emotions, mind and Soul

The Golden path of the shamanic way

Welcome to Heartland Healing Arts, a place to find peace and healing in our chaotic world with an inspirational blend of complimentary modalities that bridge emotions, mind and soul.  Nature is the great healer and here at Heartland it is at the heart of our practice. The symptoms of being out of balance with nature have flooded our world breaking down inner and outer ecosystems. The aim is to create a sanctuary where we can cultivate a sacred relationship with nature and ourselves and reawaken how this benefits all life on a physical and spiritual level. Our modern times are calling us to implement new effective means for healing this crisis of separation. Heartland offers a bridge through earth based shamanic practices, ecotherapy, energy healing and spiritual counseling. These modalities work together to heal the split within body and soul; healing and clearing past issues while offering new ways to enlighten and uplift the spirit for lasting change. 

Healing Ourselves, Healing the Planet

If you feel out of balance, want a deeper meaning to your life or need support clearing what is blocking your path, you've come to the right place. The Golden Path of the Shamanic Way offers healing ways to guide you home to your true self so you can live your life with meaning, purpose and love.

 Barna Woods, Galway (photo, Saibh Egan)

Barna Woods, Galway (photo, Saibh Egan)

Cara was immersed in the healing powers of nature, sacred sites and celtic shamanic teachings during her 4 years living in Ireland. This life changing journey opened her eyes to new ways of transcending the dissonance of relatedness and belonging inherent in our modern culture. She now offers shamanic energy healing and counseling to help guide us back to interconnection with Nature and the sacred feminine. Through private healing sessions, group shamanic journeys and teachings, nature walks, classes and trainings, Heartland offers a breadth of experiences to support healing. By reawakening our energy body and indigenous soul we can remember our place in the Sacred Web of Life.

Cara is a highly intuitive healer and her shamanic practice is extraordinarily deep and connected to spirit in a beautiful way. She is highly gifted and a blessing to whomever finds their way to her.
— Marsha, Galway
If women remember that once upon a time we sang with the tongues of seals, and flew with the wings of swans, that we forged our own paths through the dark forest while creating a community of its many inhabitants, then we will rise up rooted, like trees.” (If Women Rose Rooted)
— Sharon Blackie

Upcoming Classes and Events


Usui reiki master level 3

Sunday Dec 16, 2018 San Anselmo

Learn to heal yourself and others with your hands using Reiki energy. Reiki heals the body, mind and emotions. It is a natural gift from Universal Life Force Energy to raise our vibration and awaken the soul. 

A shamanic journey through the heart of ireland

May 1-8 2019, Ireland

An intimate journey through mystical Ireland visiting ancient sites and places of power and beauty. This is a pilgrimage for the soul to reignite the memory of our indigenous celtic European interconnection with nature and spirit in all things. Archaeology, Celtic Shamanism, Ancestral Memory, Nature Connection

Introduction to Shamanism

Saturday eve 6-9pm starting September 22nd 2018

A 6 class introduction to the Shamanic Way. Shamanism offers great transformational energy for modern people through reconnecting us to Spirit and Nature. Learn ancient techniques for healing, the wisdom of elements, power animals and spirit guides.


 Shamanic Healing

For shamans, illness is seen as an imbalance with spirit and nature. Shamanic techniques help to reestablish harmony between body, spirit, mind and emotions. Depression, anxiety, ptsd and other mental illnesses are often symptoms of negative energy attachments, soul or power loss. Cara works with the spirit world and nature to bring healing and balance back to the client. Sessions can be powerful and life changing with lasting positive results often in much less time than traditional psychological therapy. 


Spiritual Counseling

People can benefit greatly from talking about their personal issues. Just having an attentive, empathetic person to share with can bring immediate relief. Counseling offers a safe non-judgmental environment to support the release and relief of pain, grief, shame, confusion and other difficult emotions. Cara provides holistic and spiritual counseling sessions where you can find your way home to greater peace and self acceptance. Healing is possible for everyone through the process of self awareness, feeling and releasing emotions and taking concrete steps to change.

 Sweet beloved rose, Barna Woods, Galway

Sweet beloved rose, Barna Woods, Galway


Energy Healing


A deeply relaxing hands on healing modality to raise our vibration. This is spiritual light technology from our star elders for these modern times of awakening and evolution to help with the intense stress and anxiety. Rahanni clears and uplifts the heart center through the pink ray, archangels and ascended masters eclipsing all fear based energy.  It leaves you with a sense of peace and tranquility unleashing your bodies natural ability to balance and heal.


Reiki is a gentle hands on healing method that channels universal life force energy to support the clearing of blocked energy relieving stress and illness. The energy body exists as your energy field and it is where mental, emotional and physical issues begin.  Clients may feel an emotional release and a renewed sense of peace and tranquility. The deeply relaxing modality of Reiki and Rahanni offer a direct connection to the source of an issue which can provide a quantum leap in your healing.


soul readings

Soul Readings Tarot take you on a journey to the heart of your Self. Cara uses her clairvoyance and connection to Spirit to guide clients into their soul to find the true question that is arising in the present moment for guidance and healing. She combines her shamanic practice, clairvoyance and heart centered counseling skills in each session to bring you a new sense of clarity and heart healing.