Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Wisdom

Shamanic journeying is one of the oldest techniques on our planet for receiving direct spiritual guidance, wisdom and healing. Through rhythmic drumming we can enter into extraordinary consciousness encountering spirit and animal guides that offer messages to aid us on our earth walk. Cara holds a safe, friendly and inviting space where beginners can learn about shamanic journeying and experienced practitioners can enjoy the energy and support of a group. We will make two journeys, one to the lower realm and one to the upper, share our experiences, and learn how to walk the shamanic path in every day life. Through shamanic journeying we are honoring earths wisdom and the ancient ways of our ancestors, bringing healing to the past, present and future. Cara's passion is to offer guidance into the greater interconnection of spirit and nature, working as a cultural healer to help us transition out of our consumer mentality matrix and honor the sacred mystery of creation. This group will meet monthly on the second Saturday near the full moon.

Please bring a mat, pillow and blanket. RSVP required by the Friday before.

Location in Fairfax. Contact for more information

Heart Donation $25