Sacred Ireland Journey

Walking with the Ancestors | Celebrating the Celtic New Year

Sacred Sites, Nature Connection, Walking, Archaeology, Shamanism, Ancestral Healing

october 27- November 3, 2020

Ireland has an iconic place in the worlds psyche, hearkening us back to an ancient spiritual connection with our own wild Soul and Nature. Those who visit Ireland feel embraced by a feeling of finally coming home, a soul retrieval across space and time. The wide open places of windswept beauty, the rugged wild shorelines, spectacular ancient sites, the green expanse of endless fields of grass, Ireland holds the keys to unlocking the door to an ancient memory that awakens a longing to be Interconnected with Nature and remember our Ancestral belonging. This is not an average tour of beautiful places, but one that takes you deeper into the mysteries of Ireland's ancient past and present; a pilgrimage to your own Ancient Remembrance.

The energy of Ireland is transformational. There is a reason why this land has more Sacred Sites than anywhere in the world! For thousands of years, Ireland was a renowned place of pilgrimage where people experienced Divine Communion with Nature and its Energy and Sacred Places of Transcendence. Not only is it a place of Awe-Inspiring Magical Beauty, the ancient Sacred Sites also hold great power. They were created to honor the Spirit World and also served as Portals to anchor Divine Energy and Knowledge in the earthly realm, "As Above, So Below". The indigenous Celtic and proto-Celtic tribes practiced an earth based spirituality very similar to the Native Americans. We will explore and experience this first hand.

The wild elements are still alive with a profound numinous energy that can Awaken the Spirit.  Experience a Life Changing Journey that will fill your soul with awe and steep you in connection to your own Divine Essence.  Ireland is guaranteed to transform you, either in the most subtle or profound ways!

Samhain fire ceremony at Tlachtga, October 31st. The Birthplace of Halloween

Samhain fire ceremony at Tlachtga, October 31st. The Birthplace of Halloween

  • Walk through the Portal into the Ancient Land of Eiru and fill your Senses with the Wisdom whispered on Nature's breath

  • Visit the most Sacred Landscapes of Ireland used for ceremony over thousands of years.

  • Visit hidden places off the beaten path chosen for their potent energy and extraordinary beauty.

  • Experience the Real Hidden Mysteries of this fabled land through Sacred Sites and connecting with the devas in Nature. 

  • Learn to Listen to the messages the Sacred Sites have for you on your personal journey through Shamanic/Druid Meditation techniques.

  • Reconnect with the Wisdom of our Ancient Ancestors (European or beyond) who once lived in Harmony and Reverence with the Cycles of Life.

  • Learn to anchor new Inner Wisdom to take back home with you and Rejuvenate Your Life.

  • listen to the voices of the elements at sacred sites through the four elements; earth air, water, fire. The stones, wells, sun and wind carry ancient energetic signatures that enliven dormant codes for awakening the spirit.

  • capture energetic essences like fairies, devas and orbs with mindful photography to deepen present moment awareness.

  • practice connecting with nature and the whispers of our ancestors at sacred sites through shamanic and druid techniques.

  • Release old cellular memory and energetic patterns with guided cellular memory healing to clear the mind/body/emotion.


Samhain is a cross quarter holy day where Celtic people and many other cultures honor and celebrate the dead. Hundreds of megalithic tombs and temples are the remains of what archaeologists call the “Cult of the Dead”. We will explore these places and find meaning and healing in the remembrance of our own ancestors.

This Journey will begin in Galway City for a meet and greet on Sunday October 27th. We will begin our tour on Sunday morning heading to the Burren in private bus.  Included in the itinerary are the extraordinary ancient archaeological sites of Ireland's ancestors in Sligo, the Burren, Lough Gur, Hill of Tara and Loughcrew. This is a special tour honoring the Ancestors and the Celtic triple goddess Cailleach in her form as the Sheela-na-gig and the old hag, the winter aspect of life and nature.  We have a very special highlight to attend the birthplace of Halloween, Tlachtga, for a Samhain fire reenactment ceremony. Samhain marks the end of the old Celtic Year and the beginning of the New Year. The Celts believed that this was a time of transition, when the veil between our world and the next came down, and the spirits of all who had died since the last Oíche Shamhna (Night of Samhain) moved on to the next life. The druids felt that this world and the otherworld were closest at Tlachtga and it was here that the festival of Samhain, or Halloween, was started.  If possible we will also witness the solar alignment in an extraordinary passage tomb. We complete our journey in Dublin on Saturday at noon. You will visit some of the most beautiful and sacred locations in Ireland, a few well known and others off the beaten path. This will be an exceptionally rare experience for those who feel drawn to see the authentic Ireland - beyond the tourist cliches - and go deeper into the mystical intrigue of this holy island.

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Sunday October 27th - Sunday November 3rd 2019

Price: Early Bird Price $2975 until April 15th | After April 15th the trip price is $3100

Price based on double occupancy. Single supplement $400

Deposit: $500 will reserve your place. The deposit is non-refundable. Payment in full is due by August 27th, 2019


  • 7 nights accommodation in B&B's and Hotels (shared occupancy)

  • Transportation in private van starting in Galway ending in Dublin

  • 5 Dinners and 5 Lunches, all breakfasts (excludes alcohol)

  • Entrances to museums/sites

  • Wonderful Irish guest guides, experts in Irish Archaeology, History, Folklore, Celtic Shamanism, Ancestral Healing, Traditional Music

  • Not Included: Drinks, Gratuity, Transportation to Galway, Personal Insurance, 2 dinners/2 lunches

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I hope you join us on this magical and inspiring journey to the Sacred Sites of Ireland.