Golden Lemurian Quartz Crystal

Golden Lemurian Quartz Crystal


A stunningly beautiful large Golden Lemurian quartz crystal from Brazil. This one is looking for its perfect owner to unveil and work with the wisdom held within. Encoded with doorways to multidimensional knowledge and much more yet to be discovered by you.

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"Lemurian Crystals embody Unity consciousness. A lot of the information to be received from your Lemurian crystal is accessed by looking at the patterns and pictures/landscapes/Beings that can be seen through each shaft's face. Besides the linear encoding seemingly etched on certain faces, you may find specific geometric patterning which need to be viewed from the opposite face, or a face which gives you a clear angle, as well as looking at the vibrational frequency directly. Parts of a side/sides may appear "damaged", where upon further examination from an opposite face, it actually becomes part of the "carved information" that the crystal embodies.

Some crystals have distinct dimensional areas. Some lead to temples or into initiation chambers. Some embody dimensional or vibrational frequency steps in their geometric formations. Some have keys, manifestation crystals within them, angelic Beings, Guides, inter-chambers, cities, star systems, universe portals, galactic and/or inter-galactic connections. Some are multi-use healing tools and/or self-healed double terminated."