introduction to the shamanic path

journey into the elements & Celtic Tree of life

The Golden Path of the Shamanic Way

Starting May 4th, 2019 - 5 Saturday Eve's 6-9pm and one afternoon in a sacred Redwood grove.

(5/4, 5/11, 5/25, 6/8, 6/15) *dates subject to change based on group needs

  • Learn about the history of shamanism and it's varied stylistic practices around the world, especially the indigenous earth honoring Celtic tradition.

  • Learn about the Medicine of the 4 Directions; South, West, North, East and the Sacred Elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire

  • Learn the fundamental practice of Shamanic Journeying to the upper and lower worlds for insight, wisdom and healing

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides

  • Connect with your Power Animals

  • Deepen the relationship to your higher path and purpose

  • Learn the importance of integrating body and spirit, earth and sky

  • Heal your genetic and spiritual ancestral memory through shadow clearing

  • Receive the first 3 Rites of the Munay Ki to activate your healing ability and spiritual awakening. (The Healers Rite, The Bands of Power, The Harmony Rite)

  • Learn how to use feathers, drumming and rattling for healing

  • Learn how to communicate with nature for wisdom and empowerment

  • And many more insights and teachings as received directly from Spirit

Each class we will cover a different direction and element doing a shamanic journey to connect with its medicine.  You will deepen your understanding of shamanic practices and learn how to live the Beauty Way on your own. You will discover a deeper connection to your ancestors and what issues are still needing to be met and healed through you. The earth is calling us to remember that we are part of her, interconnected in the web of life. Shamanism is a life long devotion and practice in deepening our relationship with the elements and learning their wisdom that supports and guides life.  This practice helps us to connect deeply to the great mystery where the magical is real and the real is magical. The result is living every day as sacred, the golden path of the shamanic way. At the conclusion there will be a full day outing to a sacred place where we will put our new skills to work and practice healing and being healed by Nature.

5 Saturday evenings (6-9) + 1 day sacred outing

Energy Exchange = $490.00

*This course is required to prepare you for more advanced training on the medicine spiral. Personal healing and clearing is part of the initiation to practice a shamanic life. Advanced medicine classes will be available for those called to integrate shamanism into their healing practice. Learn Advanced Healing techniques, Land and Space Healing, Entity and Spirit Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval etc. 

**Also consider joining a Sacred Ireland Journey group tour to Ireland for ancestral land integration and healing. Immerse yourself in the magic and mystery of ancient sacred sites around the country. Meet the people and places holding your own indigenous ancestral memory. For more information click here Sacred Land Journeys .


Cara is an extremely gifted and talented practitioner and teacher. Her Introduction to Shamanism course was both informative and experiential. Cara’s knowledge is so expansive and yet she honed it down perfectly to give us the appropriate amount of information for an intro course. I had never journeyed before and being led by her into the realms created amazing openings to new visions which provided awe, insight and self reflection. Cara’s ability to interpret our journeys is a gift that she shared readily and was so helpful to the overall experience. I plan to participate in more classes or sessions with Cara in the future.
— Lori, E
Cara’s introduction to Shamanism class is utterly profound and beautiful! As a beginner to Journeying this class was incredible - I came away from each class with deeper reflection, experience and practices. Cara holds sacred space, guides with a light touch and teaches with wisdom and grace. I will most definitely be continuing to study with Cara.
— Shilo, Fairfax
I just want to express my heart felt gratitude for the space you’ve created and for inviting me in! The intro to Shamanism course has been such a beautiful experience, it put a name to many ideas I’ve had but didn’t have words for. It has also opened up a world of trust in me, to trust my intuition, to trust the universe, to trust spirit to provide guidance and to listen to that guidance with an open heart. Also, I appreciate that you come from the place of sharing what you have learned but we are also learning together. It such a beautiful space you’ve created, for all of us.
— Ingrid, Alameda