Discovery Packages | Spirals to Your Soul

   Multi-session packages designed for results


Discover Healing | I AM Healed

3 Sessions $450

Heal from a past issue, attachment or inherited energy that is blocking you from finding peace. Shamanism can get directly to the heart of an issue for powerful and lasting healing.

  1. Shamanic Clearing
  2. Power Retrieval
  3. Soul Retrieval

Discover Peace | I AM Peaceful

3 sessions $350

Clear and calm the nervous system to find greater spaciousness and relaxation.

  1. Reiki Session
  2. Reiki Session
  3. Shamanic Clearing

Discover Love | I AM Love

3 Sessions $300

Remember your divine nature that is Love. Let love eclipse the shadows, heal heartbreak and expand your vibration.

Healing for the Heart from the Heart.

   x3 Rahanni Celestial Healings

Discover Clarity | I AM Clear

3 Sessions $400

Clear the mind and heart to find direction and clarity for a life decision or your life purpose. Intuitive guidance direct from Source.

  1.  Tarot Heart & Soul Reading
  2.  Shamanic Clearing
  3.  Shamanic Power Retrieval

Discover Nature | I AM Nature

4 Sessions $400

Connect with the wisdom teachings of Nature. The shamanic path of our indigenous ancestors guides modern people back to their divine interconnection and belonging with all that is. Re-membering your Soul.

    4 Shamanic Counseling & Guidance sessions on the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel.