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Facing Death in the Mirror: Experiential Workshop

How to Feel More Alive by Living with the Ultimate Transformation.

Join Peggy Bartlett as she guides you using creativity, shamanic drumming and active dreaming to access and heal innate feelings about death, grief and mourning. Be more present with all of your senses and live life more fully by consciously working with these natural processes.

October 30th and November 6th 6:30-9:30pm

Nature’s wisdom shines throughout all of her cycles. Brilliant autumn leaves die in a flame of glory, floating in crisp air. Autumn days prepare us for winter, a time to look within.

You will learn practices to help you:

Release fear of Death to experience more joy
Accept your infinite nature and your finite physical body
Surrender past patterns, repetitive thoughts or actions that no longer serve you Ø Have compassion for yourself as you grieve
Visit with loved ones “behind the veil”